About Our Business

Orfema offers a wide range of healthcare and Pharmaceutical products.

  • We import and market pharmaceutical Raw materials within other manufacturers of medicine in Nigeria and beyond.
  • We import and market safe and high quality finished pharmaceutical medicines in Nigeria.
  • We manufacture our registered formulation and distribute same across the country and beyond.
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Orfema Pharmaceuticals

Our mission is to serve patients. We dedicate our days in the research and manufacturing of high quality drugs, in order to turn the tide on serious, life-interrupting illnesses.

Our Services

We are Pharmaceutical experts. With our clinical expertise and practical knowledge of a wide variety of drugs, we can advise you on health concerns and medicinal remedies.

Drug Production

We are certified to produce and market high quality, safe and effective pharmaceutical drugs.

Drug Supply

We are licensed to import and market finished pharmaceutical medicines in Nigeria.

Contract Manufacturing

We have large capacity to manufacture for registered pharmaceutical companies on contract basis

Prescribe Medications

We have the knowledge and experience to prescribe effective drugs for minor health conditions

We can help you

We are ever ready to deliver quality and prompt service backed with integrity, as we shall not compromise standards in building lasting business relationship.